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This is a funny computers & technical joke about misunderstandings and internet. We hope you have a laugh - and as always, keep smiling.

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Misunderstandings About The Internet

Customer: "I'd like to buy the Internet. Do you know how much it is?"

Customer: "Can you copy the Internet for me on this diskette?"

Customer: "I would like an Internet please."

Customer: "I just got your Internet in the mail today..."

Customer: "I just downloaded the Internet. How do I use it?"

Customer: "I don't have a computer at home. Is the Internet available in book form?"

Customer: "Will the Internet be open on Memorial Day tomorrow?"

Customer: "We're getting an Internet from you. Are you guys having any problems sending out your Internets?"

Customer: "The Internet is running too slow. Could you reboot it please?"

Customer: "We're going on holiday for three months, can you suspend the Internet for us please?"

Customer: "I have a problem with my Internet. Anyone know how to get the screens smaller?"

Customer: "What do you mean I have to pay for Internet access?"

Customer: "I lost my Internet. I switched it off last night and turned on this morning, and it's gone. I just paid 19.95 a month, and I have lost it already. Can you send me another one?"

Customer: "The Internet site's giving me a busy signal."

Customer: "Every time I call you I get disconnected from the Internet."

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