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This is a funny travel joke about woman and flat. We hope you have a laugh - and as always, keep smiling.

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Woman With A Flat Chest

A woman came into a doctor's surgery and complained to him about her flat chest.

"Doctor, my life's terrible. No man takes any interest in me because of my flat chest. It's driving me crazy. You must help me somehow doctor or I'll do something drastic."

Examining her chest, the doctor agreed that it was indeed very flat, although he told her that the condition wasn't abnormal. However, seeing her extreme state of distress the doctor told her, "There is a series of exercises that can be used to develop a larger chest, but I'm afraid it requires a lot of discipline and persistence."

"Oh doctor, tell me please. I'm so desperate that I promise that I'll do whatever you recommend."

"Well, you must stand upright with your arms horizontal and bent so that your hands are in front of your chest."

The woman duly stood up and did as the doctor told her.

"Now, quickly push your elbows repeatedly backwards to the rhythm I must. I must. I must. I must increase my bust This will exercise your pectoral muscles. If you do this every 15 minutes for 2 months you should find that your breasts will grow larger. But you must do it every 15 minutes."

The woman carried out the exercise saying, "I must. I must. I must. I must increase my bust."

Thanking the doctor the woman left and went outside to the bus stop to await her ride home. During her wait, she looked at her watch and realised that it was time for her exercise. So she got her arms in the right position and, pushing back her elbows, exercised to the rhythm, "I must. I must. I must. I must increase my bust."

When she'd finished, she felt a tap on her shoulder and, turning around, she found a small, weakly looking man standing behind her. He asked, "Excuse me, but could you tell me the time?"

"Sure", she replied, "it's 10 past 3."

The man said, "Oh dear, it's time." and proceeded to hop up and down saying

"Hickory dickory dock..."

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