Joke about which profession gets which door in heaven?

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This is a funny religion joke about joke and profession. We hope you have a laugh - and as always, keep smiling.

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Which Profession Gets Which Door In Heaven?

The scene is heaven, with three men standing at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter says to the first man, "Let's see, you're Mr. Jones, the engineer. We've been expecting you. Please follow me."

Saint Peter leads him down a hall to a door marked 101.

"This is where you'll be staying Mr. Jones," says Saint Peter as he opens the door. Inside is a dark, dank, cold, musty room. Water is dripping from the rocklike walls where torture equipment is hanging. Chained to the center of the floor is a growling, fierce-looking dog. Mr. Jones steps in and a loud voice cries out from above, "Mr.Jones! You have sinned!"

Saint Peter closes the door and returns to the remaining two men waiting at the entrance gate.

"And you are Mr. Smith, the doctor," Saint Peters addresses the second man. "You are in room 102. Please follow me."

Once again when the door is opened this room is dark and dank, water dripping down the walls with horrible torture equipment hanging everywhere, and a growling, snarling dog chained to the center of the floor. As Mr. Smith steps in, a voice from above cries, "Mr. Smith! You have sinned!"

Saint Peter closes the door and returns to the last man waiting at the entrance gate.

"And you must be Mr. Brown, the lawyer. We have been waiting for you. You are in room number 103. Please follow me."

When they get to room 103, Saint Peter opens the door to reveal another dark, musty, gloomy room with torture equipment hanging from the water dripping walls. But in the center of the room stands Bo Derek. As the lawyer steps in the room the voice cries out, "Bo Derek! You have sinned!"

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