One condition before going to heaven funny story

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This is a funny religion joke about one and condition. We hope you have a laugh - and as always, keep smiling.

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One Condition Before Going To Heaven

A guy dies and finds himself up at the Pearly Gates where he meets St. Peter.

St. Peter says to him, "God has looked upon your life and decided that you are to be welcomed in heaven under one condition."

The guy says, "What's that?"

St. Peter replies, "You must spell the word Love"

Of course the guy does this easily and is let into heaven. Just as he gets in, St. Peter's pager goes off. He tells the guy to watch the gate until he returns, and reminds him that he must ask whoever comes to the the gates to spell the word.

Next thing you know, the guy's wife shows up at the Pearly Gates and he asks her what she is doing there? She tells him that on the way home from the funeral, there was an accident and she died.

The husband says, "alright, but you do have to spell one word first before you come in to heaven."

She asks, "What's that?"

He says "Spell Czechoslovakia"

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