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Funny story about acute angina or a cute vagina?

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Image for Joke: Acute Angina Or A Cute Vagina? Amusing Wedding jokes

This is a funny wedding joke about acute and angina. We hope you have a laugh - and as always, keep smiling.

I hope you enjoy this funny story - and if you do, why not send it to a friend? If the answer is: "Because I want to keep them" - then that's awesome, too. Keep reading Douglas Adams.

This joke may be considered ADULT and either contains adult themes, bad language, or racially sensitive humour.

Acute Angina Or A Cute Vagina?

This young couple had only been married for about two weeks when the wife complains of a burning sensation in her chest. She tells her husband who suggests that she goes to the doctor to be examined. She arranges an appointment and goes the following day. The husband, while at work receives a call from the doctor.

Doctor: "I am sorry to say your wife has acute angina..."

Husband: "Yeah, I know, she's also got a nice pair of tits too!"

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