SMS Friendly Jokes

This is a specially prepared selection of jokes that you can send via SMS. Each SMS friendly and ready joke has been tailored to ensure it is fewer than the 160 character limit specified by mobile phone carriers. The limit for SMS means that jokes have to be quicker, shorter, but pack just as much funny punch as any other kind of funny story.

Jokes with fewer than 160 characters for SMS

Finding good sms friendly jokes funnies or a good sms friendly jokes joke can be difficult - and a reason to laugh is very important to people. We've created for you here a selection of our best sms friendly jokes funnies for your use - free of course - to send to whomever you choose. Our jokes have been finely tuned, cleverly categorised, and our sms friendly jokes funnies jokes are no exception. If you can't find the sms friendly jokes joke that you're really looking for, please use our joke search and we'll get you the joke you're looking for - thanks to joke send!

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